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Usedom brings you back to health
Sea climate strengthens the body’s defences. Long beach walks are healthy and keep the body warm. City dwellers in particular have the chance to refuel their system with fresh and clean air. The concurrence of sun, wind and surf produces therapeutic acting aerosols; they are a blessing for the body and good for your respiration as this sea salt enriched sea air relieves the bronchia. It is scientifically proven that stamina and performance are noticeably increased in this climate. But long walks along the white sandy beach not only strengthen the immune system, they make you feel happy, too.

The power of the Baltic Sea.
The swoosh of the surf, the clearness of the sea water, the crashing of the waves – all this isn’t just a sight to be seen or a sound to be heard, it has a healing effect on body and mind and is energizing. Being an island Usedom meets all requirements for thalassotherapy in an ideal way. For times immemorial water has been regarded as precious and healthy. Water acts against stress and listlessness, particularly in wintertime. It promotes health, fitness and beauty. It is it’s water that makes Usedom a spa. The sea alleviates tension. The sound of licking waves combined with the typical slight sea breeze invites everyone to unwind. And this is why there is no other region in Germany with more hotels offering this wide range of spa facilities. Each of the hotels presents its own range of specialities to pamper their guests: starting with chocolate massages and wind cosmetics through to milk or beer baths and the therapeutic use of Heringsdorfer Jodsole, a particular type of iodine. High standards and quality are the magic words of Usedom. Nearly 1,000 different beauty and wellness offers are available beginning with aqua-dreaming through to foot reflexology, stone massage, rhassoul and reiki.

Out in the fresh air.
On Usedom wellness is not only to be had in the pampering hotels. The best offers are to be had free and open-air. Especially in wintertime the body longs for light and oxygen. Getting a breath of fresh air during a long beach walk, that’s what enlivens the spirit and recharges the battery with new energy. Miles and miles of stone-free white sandy beach, the natural synergy of woods and water, the mild bracing climate and the salty sea air are tailor-made for everyone who needs a treat.

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