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Whether in tracking boots or barefoot, equipped with walking poles for Nordic walking or a traditional walking cane: a true paradise of 445 square kilometres and nearly untouched nature awaits the visitor. Extended sandy beaches, impressive steep banks, beech forests, and a vast dune landscape are the landmarks of Usedom.

Being active on 42 kilometres of sandy beach. The view of the horizon, the fresh sea air and the special bracing climate invite the visitor to take long walks, to collect clams and in some areas even amber. Right behind the dunes you find the longest sea front promenade of Europe connecting the Three Imperial Spas Bansin, Heringsdorf and Ahlbeck across the German-Polish border with Świnoujście (German: Swinemünde). These seaside resorts are a living witness of the Resort Architecture style. Magnificent villas string together along the sea front. The imperial mansions in Zinnowitz with their charm and flair tell tales of a golden age. Beach and promenade are inviting not only for flâneurs but also for Nordic walkers and joggers. Even marathoners and those who wish to train for a marathon find ideal conditions on the Baltic coast of Usedom.

From the beach to the Usedom Achterland. Hidden lanes, quaint fishing villages, woods and grassland, where rare species of birds tryst – those who conceive the beach life as to turbulent may give preference to the interior of the island and can fall back on dreamy hamlets and blossoming salt marshes. Usedom’s hinterland or Achterland shows how well preserved the islands nature is. Sometimes the Achterland between Achterwasser Lagoon and beach is only a few hundred metres wide; sometimes it forms peninsulas as the Gnitz or even a surprisingly hilly landscape lovingly called the Usedomer Schweiz (Switzerland of Usedom). Its many facets can surprise even connoisseurs of the island. The well signposted footpaths of Usedom sum up to over 400 kilometres, the cycling trails amount to 180 kilometres. And everywhere little cafés with home baked cakes invite the traveller to take a break.

Nature to taste. The Usedom Island Nature Park was founded in 1999 and comprises the entire island of Usedom, the northern part of the Szczecin Lagoon, the Peenestrom, and the Achterwasser Lagoon, as well as small strips of the mainland on the western bank of the Peenestrom. All in all this cultural landscape covers more than 59,000 hectares. Active holidaymakers may explore the Usedom Island Nature Park in the company of rangers the whole year round. Or they can make use of the custom-tailored round trips offered by private providers. To explore the island by Segway or fishing boat can be a unique experience.

The Island by bicycle. However, it is quicker and more comfortable to explore the island by bicycle on the roundabout 180 kilometres of well signposted cycle trails. The network of bicycle rentals with an extensive service package is tight-nit. The service provider “UsedomRad” alone consists of more than 100 stations on the island and the bordering mainland with more than a 1,000 touring bicycles, children’s bicycles and e-cycles for rent. And if you lose steam on your trip across the island you may hand in your bicycle with the next “UsedomRad”-station and change to public transportation. The Usedomer Bäderbahn (UBB) connects all seaside resorts as far as Świnoujście and runs a well-organized local transport network in the hinterland, too.

“Usedom erfahren” is a leisure ticket developed by the Usedom Tourism GmbH and is complemented by tips for outings, by vouchers and bonuses. The ticket bunches up more than 30 tourist services of the region, amongst others “UsedomRad”, the innovative bicycle rental with more than 100 stations not only on the island. The offer comprises an attached booklet containing 60 vouchers with benefits or extra services on offer by tourist leisure facilities on the island of Usedom.

Horse riding on the sunny Island. To ride a horse is to ride the sky. This saying proves well founded on Germany’s second largest island Usedom. Galloping along the beach with the fresh sea air in one’s face right into the setting sun on the far horizon is a dream for many equestrians. On the island of Usedom this dream can come true. Riding clubs and equestrian farms organize trips on horseback into the endless nature of the green hinterland of Usedom.

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