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Imperial villas Holiday as it was in the imperial era - that is possible in the lovingly restored bath architecture villas in the Baltic's seaside resorts. The freshly renovated buildings tell of the baroque, classicistic, French or Italian tastes of theit former owners and surround guests of today with the unique atmosphere of the imperial decades.

High-class apartments High-class, luxurious and somehow homely...Families, in particular, spend unforgettable days in the island's apartments - in whatever corner of the island you might be: a self-catering holiday is possible all over the island.

Wellness hotels Wakey, wakey rise and shine! Get out of your cosy bed and enjoy an relaxing aromantic massage, a Cleopatra bath with milk or stretch your muscles to aqua fitness. Let yourself go and block out the routine - that's best done in one of the wellness hotel that are spread across the island.

Thatched houses The thatched houses are found in the region "Achterland". The islands small fishing villages promise pure romance. It is here that white tailed eagles circle over wooden fishing cutters that float calmly in the waters, whilst the sun goes down behind the breath-taking backdrop of Usedom's untouched nature.

Exclusive accomodation with a once in a lifetime factor You are right next to the sea in the holiday apartments on Germany's longest pier in Heringsdorf. Let yourself be teased out of your bed vy the day's first glimpses of sunlight. The swimming holiday homes give you the feeling of weightlessness in the heart of nature on the sunny island. Sailing like our ancestors an experience to be found at the ship called "Weiße Düne". The schooner, which was built in 1909, offers 20 places to sleep. another fairytale holiday is garanteed if you stay in the lighthouse in Karnim. Here you can let your thoughts roam in the tower's own jacuzzi and during breakfast in bed with a view over the stettiner Haff. If you would have it rather more stately the chateau Mellenthin is waiting for you.

star-holidays in a hotel You can reach for the stars on Usedom! First-class quality is essential for the hotel business on Usedom. you will experience your holidays on Usedom at the highest level no matter hoe many stars your hotel has. Whatever you choose, your holiday stay on Usedom will remain an unforgettable holiday experience, because service and a feel-good atmosphere are inclusive.

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