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 Usedom Tourismus GmbH

Usedom Tourismus GmbH


Usedom Tourismus GmbH (UTG) is the official Marketing Company for the island of Usedom. As a comprehensive service provider for the tourist industry of Usedom, the regional authorities and their institutions dealing with tourism, the UTG realises the destination marketing for the island of Usedom at home and abroad, runs the destination portal, a booking centre and is the contact for supra-regional public relations activities of the island of Usedom.

Business Portfolio
The Usedom Tourismus GmbH (UTG) is the professional tourism and marketing agent of Usedom. It provides comprehensive services for the entire island. The main purpose of the Usedom Tourismus GmbH is the marketing of the island and the further development of the brand name “Insel Usedom”. The subject areas of the island are being presented under a consistent corporate design. Existing brands are being co-ordinated and positioned accordingly. Further areas of responsibility are public relations, marketing concepts, trade shows and promotions as well as the maintenance of the official website of Usedom, market research and networking.

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