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"Everywhere at home: the sky is my roof, the sun is my light and the forest my living room."

Camping is more than a simple and cheap way to take a vacation. Camping is an approach to life, the longing and search for freedom. There are plenty of lovely sites on Usedom; they can be found in the green vastness of the hinterland, right behind the reed belt in a secluded cove at the Achterwasser Lagoon, at a hidden lake somewhere in the middle of the island or just a few steps away from the endless sandy beach right behind the dunes in the extensive beech and pine forests. Numerous campsites on the island welcome campers for one night, one week or the rest of their life.

When the rays of the rising sun transform the Baltic Sea into a golden mirror and slowly find their way across the beach it is time to open the tent or the door of your caravan and take a deep breath.

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