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Camping is more than a simple and cheap way to take a vacation. Camping is an approach to life, the longing and search for freedom. There are plenty of lovely sites on Usedom; they can be found in the green vastness of the hinterland, right behind the reed belt in a secluded cove at the Achterwasser Lagoon, at a hidden lake somewhere in the middle of the island or just a few steps away from the endless sandy beach right behind the dunes in the extensive beech and pine forests. Numerous campsites on the island welcome campers for one night, one week or the rest of their life.

For golfers Usedom is a paradise with first-class courses in the midst of spectacular nature. Only a stone’s throw away from the Baltic Sea or tucked away in the quaint Achterland in the midst of hills, marshes and woods two golf facilities await golfers. Next to the Three Imperial Spas (Ahlbeck, Heringsdorf and Bansin) in Korswandt you will find Germany’s first 19-hole golf course “Baltic Hills Usedom”, Mulligan-hole included. A further two 18-hole courses and one 9-hole practice area including driving range are located at the Balmer See on 120 hectares, enough of a challenge for every golfer.

Usedom: Craftsmanship and Tradition

On Usedom craftsmanship is not only to be seen in the museum, it is a living part of island life. Traditional crafts are pursued in many quarters, the knowledge being handed on from one generation down to the next. This is amongst others one of the reasons why Usedom is so attractive to artists and craftspeople. They are inspired by traditional motives as they occur in handwork, by its originality, and the authenticity of artisans. And as they create their art they leave an imprint on today’s cultural landscape of the island.

Whether in tracking boots or barefoot, equipped with walking poles for Nordic walking or a traditional walking cane: a true paradise of 445 square kilometres and nearly untouched nature awaits the visitor. Extended sandy beaches, impressive steep banks, beech forests, and a vast dune landscape are the landmarks of Usedom.

Island between Baltic Sea and Achterwasser Lagoon
The waters on and around Usedom are popular with lovers of aquatic sports. A total of 38 large and small marinas or ports promise best conditions and a wide choice of berthing places beginning with modern 5-star-standard. Furthermore there are all the small hidden natural harbours and resting places for canoe campers. The best known of these marinas are those in Ückeritz, Zinnowitz, Krummin (certified with 4 stars), Karlshagen, Peenemünde, Kröslin on the mainland (certified with 5 stars) and the harbour of the Polish Świnoujście.

Usedom for small and grownup explorers

Small drip castle builders and beach kids are very much welcome on the island of Usedom. The Tourism Association of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania honours family-friendly hotels and holiday accommodations, providers of leisure facilities and even municipalities with an official signet, the “Crowned Gustav”. This fresh fish with his crown, which points towards special offers and special quality for vacations with children, is awarded for three years to eligible enterprises.

The beauty of Usedom isn’t just owing to its uninterrupted fine white sandy beach. The Achterland with its wild and romantic landscape, the placid bays and the hidden corners show nature lovers and peace seekers the many different sides of the island. Whether you explore Usedom on foot, on bicycle or by means of a guided tour, it has four marvellous seasons on offer and presents awesome landscapes dipped in an impressive light.
Green vast open spaces, wide sandy beaches, impressive steep banks and an extended dune landscape are a natural part of Usedom. The Usedom Island Nature Park covers more than 59,000 hectares of the island and is home to forests, meadows, fields, marshlands, moors and of course water. Lakes and the sea, the Achterland and the river Peene are a paradise for nature lovers and active holidaymakers. On Usedom you find nearly untouched biotopes as in dunes, marshes, large areas of water, and dry grassland, but also extended woods of beech, oak and shore pine. The facets of the island are as diverse as is its flora and fauna.

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